Which Bird are You? Kid’s Profile


The Which Bird are You? Kids Profile helps children to understand themselves like never before. Utilizing the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl styles, children will discover their bird style. The report includes a section for parents to gain a deeper understanding of what makes their child tick. In addition, teachers and coaches learn how teach, guide and support the child in the classroom and in their extracurricular activities.

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Imagine a world in which a child begins the process of gaining self-awareness in grade school. Picture how parents would raise that child if they truly understood their child’s behavior and needs. And what kind of impact would teachers and coaches have if they knew how to guide that child through the most important life lessons. For decades, adults have seen the power of taking behavioral assessments to learn about themselves. But these powerful tools haven’t been available to children…until now.

The Which Bird are You? Kids DISC Profile includes three sections: one for the child, one for the child’s parents, and one for the child’s teachers and coaches. The profile report begins with an explanation of the four bird styles. Children, parents and teachers will learn about the traits, tendencies and needs of the Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls. They will gain insight into what each style focuses on, listens for, and dislikes. They will discover how each style takes risk, seeks to be rewarded and responds under stressful or challenging situations. The report includes a graph that represents the child’s style as well as an action planning guide for children, parents and teachers/coaches.

Children will learn how they act at school and deal with schoolwork. They will discover how they interact with friends and family and how they approach sports and extracurricular activities. They will gain valuable tips on how to interact with people of all four styles.

Parents will gain a deeper understanding of what children of each style need and how each style acts when they become adults. Personalized content includes a parenting overview of how their child would like to be treated based on their bird style. Parents will gain useful tips for keeping their child safe as well as for helping their child build stronger relationships and be successful in school.

Teachers and coaches will discover how to work with all four styles. Then they will gain specific strategies for how to help the child learn, gain confidence, improve skills, and cultivate strong relationships.


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