The Eagle

People with the Eagle style are confident, assertive, direct, and results-oriented. They know what they want, and they strive to achieve their goals.

Eagles are problem solvers and make quick decisions. They are willing to take risks, and they like to be in charge.

They communicate directly and look for the bottom line or the action step. When they push their style into the red zone, they can become aggressive, demanding, and abrasive.

At their best, they take charge, speak candidly, and make things happen.

About the Eagle

People with the Eagle style are confident, assertive, direct, and results-oriented.

Strong Dominant Results-oriented Authoritative Bottom- line Takes charge Autonomous Risk taker Driven Direct Fervent Action Competitive Assured Daring Decisive Moves quickly Confident Goal-oriented


Eagles value achievement, autonomy, power, and freedom from controls.


Eagles communicate directly and don’t pull any punches. They speak with candor and confidence.

Body Language

Eagles walk tall and exude authority. They likely have a firm handshake and speak with self-assurance.

Optimal Environment

Eagles thrive in settings that focus on results. They enjoy having autonomy to make consequential decisions, so they work best in settings where they can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and achieve their goals. They like to work independently, but when they are in a group, they often emerge as the leader.


Eagles tend to have an authoritarian leadership style that focuses on strategic goals and bottom-line results.


Eagles tend to view conflict as sport. They passionately argue their perspective and don’t take things personally. They tend to speak so assuredly that people may perceive them as closed to the ideas of others.


Eagles don’t like it when others don’t match their level of urgency. They can also be impatient with people who communicate indirectly and aren’t willing to engage in constructive conflict to resolve issues. Eagles fear losing power and influence.

Stress Response

Eagles can overplay their directness and become blunt and insensitive. They can also focus too much on getting things done and overlook the need to build collaborative relationships. They sometimes make rash decisions without thinking things through. When pushed into the red zone, Eagles can be perceived as aggressive, overbearing, insensitive, and pushy.

Needs Others

While Eagles are adept at creating innovative strategies, they need others who will carefully weigh the options and consider the impact of decisions on individuals that may have been overlooked.

Development Opportunities

Eagles can increase effectiveness by slowing their rapid pace. This allows them to be better listeners and more effective decision-makers while building stronger, more effective, relationships with others.

The Eagle Style

People with the Eagle style are confident, assertive, direct, and results-oriented


People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, fun, optomistic, and social.


People with the Dove style are harmonious, caring, sincere, soft-spoken, and helpful.


People with the Owl style are analytical, factual, organized, questioning, logical, and precise.