Keynotes with Merrick Rosenberg

Merrick Rosenberg offers a series of engaging keynote talks based on the Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls. Whether the group includes leaders, educators, or a general conference audience, Merrick’s wit and wisdom entertain and educate people about themselves and how to apply the styles throughout their lives and within their organizations.

Training Programs

Take Flight Learning training programs incorporate the birds into a variety of skillsets:

Taking Flight with DISC:

This session introduces people to the bird styles and provides a foundation for applying the styles in daily interactions.

Chameleon Leadership:

Leaders gain the skills to apply the bird styles to critical leadership areas such as: sharing vision, communicating, listening, delegating for results, providing meaningful feedback, leading meetings, engaging the team, and coaching.

Chameleon Selling:

Sales professionals learn how to apply the birds in every phase of the selling process. By learning how to quickly identify the styles of others, they learn to ADAPT through the ADAPT for Success model of selling.

Innovating IDEAs:

Individuals learn how to drive creativity and innovation by using the four birds. By capitalizing on each of the styles, teams get farther faster.

ReDISCovering Conflict:

Individuals learn how to effectively manage conflict by gaining a deep understanding of their triggers and responses during conflict. Participants also discover the Chameleon Conflict Model to apply the birds throughout organizational conflict.


You can get certified to deliver each of Take Flight Learning’s training programs. Learn how to lead engaging and transformative sessions using the bird styles to impact people’s lives. Throughout the certification, you learn how to bring the styles to life and make them stick. If you are a coach, you can learn how to incorporate the styles throughout your coaching interactions in the Coaching in Style certification.