The Dove

People with Dove style are relationship-oriented and seek to develop meaningful connections with others.They are supportive, helpful, and friendly. Doves communicate respectfully and listen with empathy. They are calm and reduce conflict by bringing harmony to the world around them. They seek consensus so that everyone is happy.

When they push their style into the red zone, Doves can rely too much on others and become passive and dependent.

At their best, Doves are compassionate, approachable, and caring.

About the Dove

People with the Eagle style are confident, assertive, direct, and results-oriented.

Caring Sincere Good listener Keeps the peace Predictable Helpful Kind Approachable Sympathetic Consistent Patient Calm Considerate Empathetic Harmonious Compassionate Loyal Relationship-oriented Supportive


Doves seek acceptance, harmony, stability, and peace.


Doves speak softly and make sure that their words do not offend others. When stating opinions, they may say, “I feel that….”

Body Language

Doves create connection through eye contact. Their body movements are more subtle

Optimal Environment

Doves prefer calm and stable work environments. They like to work with people who are sensitive and respectful to the needs of others. Culture is important to the dove.


Doves have an inclusive leadership style than is supportive and laid back. They care about people’s happiness and satisfaction.


Doves seek harmony and tend to avoid conflict. They may even play the peacekeeper role to mediate conflict between others. Doves sometimes even stand up for the rights of people they care about more than for themselves.


Doves dislike when people are domineering or overly blunt. They fear being taken advantage of and dislike radical or continuous change.

Stress Response

When things get unbalanced, Doves provide a calming influence, though internally they may be experiencing a high level of stress. Doves seek to support others and often have an aversion to saying, “No.” This can cause them to become overburdened, as they prioritize the needs of others over their own. When pushed into the red zone, Doves can be perceived as passive, dependent, complacent, and fearful.

Needs Others

Doves are comfortable with others who take charge, especially during a crisis. Because Doves focus methodically on the tasks at hand, they can benefit from others who excel at larger, strategic issues.

Development Opportunities

Doves may increase their effectiveness by acting more assertively to get their point of view across. While they tend to accommodate the needs of others and keep the people around them happy, Doves can become resentful if their own needs are consistently overlooked by others.

The Dove Style

People with Dove style are relationship-oriented and seek to develop meaningful connections with others.


People with the Eagle style are confident, direct, take-charge, and results-oriented.


People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, fun, optomistic, and social.


People with the Owl style are analytical, factual, organized, questioning, logical, and precise.