The Parrot

People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, and social. They enjoy interacting with others and add excitement to the world around them. They seek fun and create it. Parrots are optimistic and find the bright side in almost any situation.

A Parrot’s adept verbal skills make them persuasive, as they communicate with passion and enthusiasm. When they push their strengths into the red zone, optimism can become unrealistic and their frenetic multitasking can overwhelm others.

At their best, they are positive, upbeat, and motivational.

About the Parrot

People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, and social.

Interactive Group-oriented Optimistic Enthusiastic Motivational Social Humorous Fun Upbeat Influential Inspiring Imaginitive Persuasive Builds morale Flexible Lighthearted Chatty


Parrots value freedom of expression, appreciation, positivity, and the ability to interact with others.


Parrots communicate with energy and passion. They even show their enthusiasm in writing as they are quite fond of the exclamation point!

Body Language

Parrots are animated and use a wide range of tones to express themselves.

Optimal Environment

Parrots thrive in less formal environments where they can interact freely with others. They like working in teams and contribute an ample amount of positive energy and optimism. The opportunity to be creative is important to the Parrot.


Parrots tend to have an empowering leadership style that focuses on collaboration. They create an upbeat environment and value creativity.


Parrots tend to engage in conflict when they are treated unfairly or disrespectfully. They may even insert themselves into a situation to defend someone, even someone they don’t know.


Parrots dislike negativity and conflict, but they will mobilize themselves and others to fight against injustice. They tend to be uncomfortable in environments that are stuffy and overly formal.

Stress Response

When under stress, Parrot optimism can lead to a disconnect from reality. They tend to deflect stress with humor and may minimize the issues at hand. Their multitasking ability can result in scattered and disorganized work. When pushed into the red zone, Parrots can be perceived as unrealistic, self-absorbed, careless, and frenetic.

Needs Others

Parrots need others who can focus on the details and think things through. While Parrots like freedom from structure, they need others who clearly define processes and ensure quality.

Development Opportunities

Parrots need to recognize the importance of working within existing boundaries. Parrots may need to pay more careful attention to detail and deadlines.

The Parrot Style

People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, and social.


People with the Eagle style are confident, direct, take-charge, and results-oriented.


People with the Dove style are harmonious, caring, sincere, soft-spoken, and helpful.


People with the Owl style are analytical, factual, questioning, logical, and precise.