Which Bird Are You?

Are you an Eagle, Parrot, Dove, or Owl? You’ve come to the right place to find out. Read about the four styles, watch some videos, get a personalized report, and pick up a book or two that will teach you and everyone you know which bird you are.

Let’s fly.

The Four Bird Styles

The four birds represent 4 different primary personality styles


People with the Eagle style are confident, direct, take-charge, and results-oriented.


People with the Parrot style are talkative, outgoing, fun, motivational, optimistic, and social.


People with the Dove style are harmonious, caring, sincere, soft-spoken, and helpful.


People with the Owl style are analytical, factual, questioning, logical, and precise.

The Profiles that Change Everything

No matter your age, the four bird styles can shape your world and influence how you interact with others.


Children who understand their style learn how to talk with and get along with others.


By understanding the styles, individuals gain the insight to build strong relationships and successful careers.