The most self-aware people are the happiest people. By understanding the styles, individuals gain the insight to build strong relationships and successful careers. They learn how to communicate, lead people, manage conflict, and create a life of meaning and joy.

Eagle Adults

Relationships: Eagles show they care through acts of service. They are likely to ask for what they want from the relationship and are happy to make big decisions. Their candor lets their partner know exactly what they are thinking and feeling, though it can possibly offend someone who is more sensitive.

Home: Eagles like to get chores done and out of the way. What should we watch on TV? No problem. Eagles have the remote in-hand and decisively select what everyone is going to watch. Where are we going to dinner? The Eagle will decide, then drive you there quickly

Work: Eagles in the workplace are all about results. Let’s try big things to accomplish big goals. They are strategic, competitive, and candid. They like to work independently, solve problems, and inspire confidence in others. During a crisis, Eagles take charge and act fast.

Parrot Adults

Relationships: Parrots bring excitement to relationships. They act spontaneously and have an active social life. Parrots share lots of praise and likely make their partner feel special and appreciated. They verbally express their feelings and enjoy lively conversations.

Home: Parrots likely prioritize fun over chores. After all, that’s what weekends are made for, right? Their home is likely to be colorful with unique decorative items that convey, “I live an interesting life.” You can get a sense of their hobbies and interests from the way they adorn their space.

Work: Parrots bring positive energy and a can-do spirit to the work environment. They model passion and create an inspiring vision. Parrots boost morale and generate enthusiasm. When times are challenging, they deflect stress with humor and lighten things up. Parrots are likely to make decisions based on their intuition, and they offer out-of-the-box creative ideas to solve problems.

Dove Adults

Relationships: Ever the romantic, Doves care deeply about maintaining strong connections that are sincere and genuine. They may not directly share their desires and are more likely to place the needs of their partner above their own. They speak respectfully and can be offended if their partner does not speak compassionately and honor important days in their life.

Home: The Dove home is likely to be filled with personal touches that include pictures of their extended family. The warm and relaxed environment can be felt by anyone who enters. The Dove home may even include decorations with words that express the importance of family. Artwork is likely to be more literal, such as paintings of nature or people, rather than abstract.

Work: Doves create a work environment in which people feel comfortable and safe. Consensus is important, as Doves want everyone to be happy about decisions that impact them. Conflict is likely to be minimal as disagreements ear at the fabric of harmony and collaboration. Doves prefer small, incremental changes over sweeping transformation.

Owl Adults

Relationships: Owls may be quite introspective about their relationship and may not verbally express their feelings to their partner. They occasionally need space and alone time to regenerate after a lot of interaction with others. Owls don’t like surprises and need time to consider important decisions.

Home: The Owl’s home environment is likely to be clean, organized, and efficient. Cabinets, drawers, and closets are likely to be neatly arranged. They like routine and typically have many defined systems, which they expect everyone else in the home to follow.

Work: Owls create a structured work environment with clearly defined systems that ensure quality. They adhere to rules and inspire excellence. Owls work independently and follow through on commitments. They work to perfect their skills and make careful decisions.

Taking Flight Profile


The Taking Flight with DISC Profile is based on the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl styles, and it’s all about you! This assessment has been taken by more than 10 million people worldwide and will help you discover your style.

The Chameleon


Learn about yourself as you discover the power of the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl personality styles. Follow the characters through 22 engaging fables as they are guided by an adaptable and wise chameleon. After each fable, a “Chameleon Wisdom” section explains how to apply the styles throughout your life.